This page has described some of the adventures I have had in different boats over the my life. I have always dreamed about establishing a fleet of ships that would act as Eco Ambassadors for environmental protection across the pacific.
I am lucky enough to be connected to land in Samoa fringed by reefs, the home of sea turtles and well, I am committed to saving the reef from COTS and also assisting Sea turtle conservation. The master plan being to establish an eco-camp where you can all come stay, surf, party, sing and replant with me and save turtles HOORAY.
Watch the page, our video links and join us on the mission for the next 40 years of environmental protection. Join us on board, join us on land, flick us cash to buy things towards the mission.
We have a humble boat “ DELIGHT” that will be the first of the fleet, we aim to secure the funds to purchase a massive awesome tall ship ...but that is for later.
Follow the story, join us on the mission.

Join Us At The Green Room 
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