Hi im Kiwibro i am a variety streamer. That focus' on chat inclusion. I tend to host games that i can play with my viewers. Like jackbox fortnite creative roblox etc. I want to find and more people like myself to network with and even collaborate with.

DJ Moulder

Moulder aka Brent Moulder has been mixing music since the age of 15. Although Brent is now a family man, with 3 daughters with his beautiful performing arts wife, Hillary.

Brent has never stopped mixing music and has a very respectable home studio. Brent has always remained true to his sound which lies in the Tech & Deep House genres of electronic music, which is what he first started mixing all the way back in the mid-90’s with the Johannesburg DJ crew that he helped form, called ‘Deep In Touch’ with NokkeN aka Brian Alderson and Patrick Bateman aka Mike, along with a number of other dj friends whom are no longer playing.


This page has described some of the adventures I have had in different boats over the my life. I have always dreamed about establishing a fleet of ships that would act as Eco Ambassadors for environmental protection across the pacific.
I am lucky enough to be connected to land in Samoa fringed by reefs, the home of sea turtles and well, I am committed to saving the reef from COTS and also assisting Sea turtle conservation. The master plan being to establish an eco-camp where you can all come stay, surf, party, sing and replant with me and save turtles HOORAY.
Watch the page, our video links and join us on the mission for the next 40 years of environmental protection. Join us on board, join us on land, flick us cash to buy things towards the mission.
We have a humble boat “ DELIGHT” that will be the first of the fleet, we aim to secure the funds to purchase a massive awesome tall ship ...but that is for later.
Follow the story, join us on the mission.


My names Danette (the shortened version of my name). I used to do streaming of Fortnite and State Of Decay 2 before I had my second daughter. I have buts of knowledge here and there, I studied Business, done charity events and voluntary work in the community. I love all types of arts and crafts and I've done quite a lot of beaded work in forms of insects and taught a little of that. I used to sing and write songs. Basically anything creative I love and I'm community driven. Right now I host Pokemon Go Ranked PVP Tournaments and have started up a Casual Club for Pokémon Go players. As soon as I heard everything about streamtopia dreams and goals i felt like it was destiny, I've always had a dream to bring the community together through gaming, community events and streaming to show everyone this is some cool stuff you can join in and meet others. I've always been told that Christchurch needs a hang out place, a gaming lounge and the problem had always been lack of funds to create a dream to reality. I believe that this will happen, I will help anyway I possibly can to bring everyone's hard work and dreams to life. I hope this let's you know a little bit more about me and I look forward to getting to know everyone more and helping this project grow. Thanks guys


My name is Tim I am from Christchurch, Hobbies include 3D Printing, computer Games, electronics and Robotics. No social/stream links as of yet, but stay tuned!


I love the outdoors etc.. I record gameplay on youtube like fs19,7dtd,ark survival evolved I try to stream on youtube but thinking of moving to twitch. I want to make new friends and catch up with some old friends like kill3rhana and I was at the last meetup in chch and I had a blast :-)


206 Barbadoes St Christchurch. We have Pinball, Retro Games, Pool, Burgers, Beers, Karaoke ! ​ Streamtopia is our friend teaching us how to stream the games, tournaments and other cool stuff online! ​


I played CL rainbow six siege and Pl csgo I streamed not regularly and now I stream mainly fps most days as a part of hvoc and libertas gaming. Name: DellTero/Dell/Noah Favourite Band: Cage the elephant Favourite Colour: dark purple Favourite Quote: "We HAWT" freakazoid Favourite Food: teppanyaki fish or chicken MUNCH MUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH


Kia ora, I'm Vis, a musician and occasional streamer! You'll often find me jumping on Twitch Sings, enjoying a good puzzle game, or smashing out a platformer. I have plans to host a DnD stream in the near future as well...


I'm massively into Motor Sport. I race both in real life and compete in sim racing competitions, it's the sim racing stuff that I stream on twitch.


Hannah started her streaming journey in the late months of 2018 and quickly built a humble community with a focus on being genuine, kind and open, especially with discussions around mental & physical health. Through her own personal health struggles, streaming became a staple of her hobby time and reignited her passion for gaming, community and togetherness. As a Founder of StreamTopia, Hannah strives to reach out and lift up streamers and those interested in it, to empower them in paving their own path and following their dreams (stream wise or other). With 5 years in management/leadership experience and a love of games and technology since childhood, melting them together to help develop the StreamTopia & wider Christchurch community is a strong aspiration for her. Her dedication to her friends and love for her community means she is approachable and welcoming. If you have any issues with anything she is always happy to help in any way she can.

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