Bands & DJ's

We host gigs. We host parties. We aim to stream them to give you added online content. Our aim is to interview you, showcase your sound stream this content and have it available for your online promotion. 

You can host small intimate streamed events with us at The Green Room. You can play in The Common Room and be streamed and broadcast on our LPFM. You can play bigger events and be streamed and broadcast at ARCADIA.

You will get profiled on our page here and when you play out and about around town, we will pop down and stream more content live! 

Moving forward, we seek to ensure that The Green Room has the capacity and gear to record you, provide do it yourself sound and video editing equipment. 

When you join us, we will 

1. Make time to interview you and those in your group / band. We will record this interview and stream it. The recording can be broadcast and used in your social media. 

2. We will book you for a boutique event at The Green Room. The aim is to fill it up with your mates, record, stream and broadcast the party, we will use the media to promote further parties and you can post it all over your social media too. 

3. Invite you to meet ups so you can meet other performers, musicians and creative folk. 

4. Give you member discounts at our Common Room Pool Hall and ARCADIA so when you feel like beers and games surrounded by creative folk, it is nice and cheap.

5. Invite you to symposiums and meet ups with industry professionals, venue operators, funders and the like. 

Join us. 

Meet us. 

Perform with us.

Dj Mach 1 Hosted By The Green Room
Dj Mach 1 Hosted By The Green Room
Streamed Dance Party Hosted by TGR
the green room
Join Us At The Green Room 
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