Canterbury based streamers, gamers, musicians and content creators. We are a collective. Together, at The Green Room online or at our HQ 119 Riccarton Rd, we create content and we stream it. Our HQ is available for you to use for content creation, parties, small LAN parties, karaoke and other activities. 

Join us. Get hosted on our stream and exposed to more than 10,000 locals across the city when we promote Green Room Content on our other platforms. Those that like your content will join and follow you. Join us and together we will grow. 

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We know that often, the life of the avid streamer, gamer and creative person can be rather isolating. Some times it is good to get out and about and meet other creative folk so be sure to keep an eye out on our events page on FB or our blog to get invites to our regular meet ups and activities. We will be hosting game nights, singing nights, parties and events and online tournaments. Stay connected, meet other gamers, musicians and content creators. New friends, cool parties, good times. 

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